Guest and patient service

We want patients and guests to feel comfortable in the Arcadia Praxisklinik. This also includes our all-round carefree service. We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions about the stay for all guests.

Your questions before your stay

What should I pack?

During your stay at the clinic, comfortable clothing is sufficient. Towels, hairdryer and bed linens are here for you, but please bring your personal toiletries and comfortable shoes if you would like to walk in the gardens and park.

On weekends you have the opportunity to visit the town of Fritzlar or the city of Kassel with its many sights so bring appropriate clothing for those outings.

How much does the stay at Arcadia Praxiskliniken cost?

Our doctors will study your medical documentation with all current findings and a consultation with your doctor will follow. If we consider your condition to be appropriate for us to treat, we will submit an individual treatment offer to you that you will have a breakdown of all expected expenses.

What medical documents are required?

We need your most recent findings, diagnostic report, MRI or CT, blood values, pathology reports etc. Anything you have that helps us to accurately assess your current health status is important to us. Our patient service will be happy to help you with any queries you may have.

How can I prepare myself for the stay in the best possible way?

A few resources we recommend that are in alignment with our approach that you may want to be familiar with before you arrive, are “Radical Remission” and “Radical Hope” by Dr. Kelly Turner. She shares medically documented stories about those who turned cancer around against all odds, and uncovers what they have in common.
We also recommend the YouTube channel of Chris Wark “Chris beat cancer” as a resource. Watching this interview with Chris and Dr. Saupe gives a good overview of the Arcadia treatments and approach.
YouTube channel of Chris Wark „Chris beat cancer“

Since you will be getting almost daily infusions during the week of your stay, you need to have veins that can be accessed. In case your veins are difficult to access, we recommend that you have a port or PICC line put in before you arrive. If this is not possible in advance, we can arrange for you to have it done at our partner clinic in nearby Kassel.

How soon can I start cancer treatment?

Usually our waiting times for the admission of new patients are in the range of a few weeks. In advance, our doctors will thoroughly study your medical documentation with all current findings. If we find that that the stage of your disease is treatable at our clinic, we will offer you a treatment proposal and a first consultation via video (Skype or zoom) or telephone with our doctors.

We always try to offer you the earliest possible treatment date. If you are on our waiting list, we will contact you immediately in case of cancellation of an already booked patient in order to start your treatment earlier.

Your questions during your stay

What languages ​​do the doctors at the Arcadia Klinik speak?
The doctors in our clinic speak German, English, Swedish, Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian. This makes it possible for us to communicate optimally with our guests.
What can I do if I need further specialists or examinations?

In addition to the services offered by Arcadia, if necessary we offer treatments in a hospital or by a specialist and organize these treatments for you. There is no regular care at night or on weekends. However, a telephone emergency service is available and in an emergency case the doctor is on site within minutes.


Can I extend my stay at the clinic?

It sometimes happens that a patient does not want to interrupt a successful therapy prematurely, and would prefer to extend beyond the original reservation. We well do our best to accommodate you.


What will I do during my free time or on the weekend?

There are no treatments on the weekend so that is your free time to read, walk, reflect or explore. You will have 24-hour access to the Creativity Room where you can use medical devices freely (PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic therapy mats there at any time) and oxygen-inhalation therapy. There are art supplies to make vision boards and collages or choose a DVD to watch or book from the library.

Arcadia is located in and part of an expansive park. It is near a rose garden, fields, and a forest with paths for some great hikes. On weekends we can arrange a Saturday taxi to either Fritzlar, a small nearby village or Kassel, a city with museums, restaurants and shops.

How do I get to the Arcadia Praxisklinik from the train station/airport?

When you reserve your space at Arcadia, you will also confirm your travel specifics with us. The Frankfurt airport is the closest. If you take the train, you will arrive in Kassel, a nearby city. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with your shuttle-driver holding an “Arcadia” sign, who will take you to the clinic. Of course you can also arrive with your own car, parking spaces are available in sufficient numbers.

May I bring someone with me to Arcadia?

We can additionally accommodate traveling companions, family members, friends, or support person who will receive their own self-care package while here.
Many of our patients bring an accompanying person with them, who are valued as an important support and resource for the healing process during all or part of their stay. We are optimally equipped for this and offer double rooms and apartments to accommodate a shared space. Your support person is, if you choose, present at your doctor appointments and consultations.

Your questions after your stay

Who can I contact for questions and help after my stay?

After your departure, we will accompany you with an aftercare package which includes a consultation with a doctor/coach once a month (valid for a quarter of a year). Beyond that, we are also available to help you with any concerns and questions you may have.
Please inform us of all recent examination results (blood values, CT, MRT, PET etc.) that take place after your treatment at Arcadia, so that we are informed and can give you a more complete consultation.

What documents will I receive from Arcadia Praxisklinik when I leave?

Our patients receive a patient folder during their stay, in which they collect the findings and papers from the meetings. Finally, this is supplemented by all findings and examination results during the treatment period.

Do I have any costs if I use the service after my stay?

We will send you home with an aftercare package which includes a free Skype or telephone consultation with a doctor once a month for three months. Beyond that, we are also available to help you with any concerns and questions you may have.

What else can I do for my health after my stay?

During your stay with us, you will get to know many areas in which a reorientation of your lifestyle will result in a lasting improvement in your health. We will be happy to stay in contact with you in order to continue to be of assistance.

Should I plan a further stay or a follow-up visit to the Arcadia Praxisklinik?

Many guests arrive a second or third time to stabilize their improved state of health at Arcadia. What is best for you in your case will be determined together with you after you have started on your way to better health.

We could not answer all your questions?

Please send us a message. We will take our time to answer your questions. Please reserve an appointment using the contact form. We will get back to you immediately.

Telephone times for guest service:

Telephone times for guest service: 
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
8:30 am – 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (CEST)

Wednesday and Friday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm (CEST)

    *mandatory information