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Dark field microscopy / life blood analysis

We primarily use dark field microscopy to test vitality. Dark field microscopy is a special variant of light microscopy which enables us to look at blood and all its components without any prior staining or preservation.

With dark field microscopy, human blood can be examined while it is still “alive”. This is extremely valuable, since it offers us a direct glimpse of what is going on in our body.

Normally, red blood cells float alone in serum because they have a strong negative charge and thus repel one another. With chronic illnesses, and with cancer, the red blood cells clump together easily, causing what are known as rouleaux phenomena. This is an indicator of diminished vitality; the negative charge in the cell membranes is weakened. After successful treatment, this phenomenon usually disappears.

The size and mobility of white blood cells is of great importance, since it shows us the level of vitality and effectiveness of our immune system.

In addition, statements can be made about protein precipitation in the blood, e.g. as evidence of inflammatory processes, acid crystal deposits or other waste deposits. No other laboratory test shows the actual level of “over-all vitality” as good as dark field microscopy.

Dark field microscopy will be done for every patient at the beginning and at the end of your stay.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis


By carrying out a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), we can quickly get a good picture of the composition of the human body.

This examination has become very widespread in the last thirty years as the gold standard of body weight control in nutritional medicine.

To assess the body’s state of health, the distribution of extra- and intercellular water, fat, and muscle mass is important to know. Shifts in the relationships between them enable us to make predictions about the person’s nutritional state.

The BIA analysis is extremely helpful for diagnosing the nutritional and functional condition of the body as well as for observing the course of illnesses and treatment.

Heart rate variability test

Stress test - through the heart rate variability measurement (HRV)

Our health and our wellbeing is markedly influenced by the balance of our so called autonomic nervous system. 

The latter comprises the sympathetic system (our “internal accelerator”) and the parasympathetic system (our “internal brake”). The quality of our parasympathetic system is exceptionally important for our health, since our body’s ability to regenerate is greatly dependent on it. If our parasympathetic system, i.e. our inner brake, is unable to regulate our body, then chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer can develop. Our mental capacities also suffer: We become very sensitive to outside stress, are unbalanced, irritable, or become depressed.

That is why we check the fitness of your autonomic nervous system with an HRV scan.

This test is comparable with an ECG connected to a computer. It takes just a few minutes, and the results can be calculated immediately and discussed with you there and then. We can tell you how flexibly your autonomic nervous system responds to everyday stresses and how well your “inner brake” is functioning.

What consequences might a poorly functioning “inner brake” have for you?

A poorly functioning “inner brake” is frequently the cause of chronic illnesses. External influences such as excessive stress, as well as neglect of the autonomic control system, can lead to premature aging.

We show you how to reduce your inner stress by using simple but very effective breathing and metal training exercises.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography – a gentle and safe diagnostic procedure to screen for breast health, cancer and inflammatory diseases

Infrared thermography – a gentle and safe diagnostic procedure to monitor breast health

Infrared thermography has received a tremendous boost, particularly in recent years, thanks to considerable technological advances in this field. Modern cameras make pictures with over 100,000 measuring points that are able to take very precise thermal images of the surface of the body. 

We use infrared thermography for breast health screening all the way to breast-cancer aftercare. Thermography has proven itself to be an important addition ultrasound and MRI or even as an alternative to x-ray mammography. It does not cause any stress to the body and can be repeated at any time. It has no side effects whatsoever. Women of all ages, including pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, as well as healthy individuals can all benefit from this safe diagnostic method.

Right after the procedure, we will discuss the results of the investigation with you. You can subsequently obtain a printout of the examination results for your family doctor or therapist.

Heavy metal test

This test is conducted with a special laser photometer that is attached to a computer. With a beam of laser light we measure the levels of chemical elements in the subcutaneous fat of the palm. In just a few minutes, we receive an analysis of the body’s mineral, trace-element and toxic deposits of heavy metals.

A healthy balance of minerals and trace elements is extremely important for the body to function properly. Nutrition and a healthy metabolism as well as an effective detoxification are primarily responsible for maintaining this balance.

This test helps us to find imbalances or toxic burdens that need to be treated with nutritional supplements, orthomolecular medicine or special detoxification methods.


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