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Medications and Supplements

An important part of our medical treatments is based on oral intake of remedies or nutritional supplements, especially when these substances have a good bioavailability, in other words are resorbed very well in the digestive tract. 

Examples for oral remedies/supplements we use are: anti-inflammatory digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, essential oils, herbal extracts, probiotics, and detoxification-formulas. 


Mistletoe therapy was introduced into medicine by the Austrian philosopher Dr. phil. Rudolf Steiner in the year 1916. Dr. Ita Wegman, an dutch medical doctor and student of Steiners was the first who treated cancer patients with mistletoe injections.

Since then, thousands of studies have been carried out confirming Steiner’s theory, that mistletoe extract has anti-cancer properties. Today we have a wealth of information about the pharmaceutical properties of mistletoe. We know ts constituents and their individual effects on cancer cultures, as well as their stimulating effect to the human immune system. We know that there are cancer cell-destroying and cancer-growth inhibiting substances, as well as a range of immune system-regulating factors, that have an anti-inflammatory and protective effect on the body. The human body’s non-specific and specific immune system are both activated from mistletoe extract.

Depending on the host tree on which the mistletoe plants grow, it contains different substances and is thus used to treat different types of cancer.

Production of mistletoe preparations is an extremely time consuming process. 

Mistletoe plants from various types of trees are harvested separately by hand and sorted strictly by host tree twice a year – once in the summer and once in the winter. They are then macerated mechanically using a roller and mixed with lactic acid bacteria (especially in Iscador)  and water for preservation. Using a special machine that operates at 10,000 revolutions per minute, the winter and summer juices are then processed into specific cancer medicines, which are subsequently chosen by your doctors for your type of cancer. 

More than half of cancer patients in Germany use the healing power of mistletoe. An improvement in their quality of life usually occurs quickly and is appreciable over the long term.

Patients treated with mistletoe report an improvement in their appetite and digestion, improved sleep, and a significant reduction in pain, so that very often fewer painkillers need to be prescribed. In addition, their mood and general activity is improved. This enhancement of wellbeing is often achieved quickly and lasts a long time.

Mistletoe preparations are chosen individually and administered as injections (s.c. = sub cutaneously = under the skin). Patients or their family members quickly learn how to administer the injections themselves; the standard recommendation is three injetions a week. We have had excellent experiences using mistletoe preparations for cancer over the decades.

Medical massages and rubs

As the protective coat of the body, the skin needs special care

Many of those who suffer from a chronic illness do not feel comfortable in their own skin. We become “thin skinned,” feel torn, tense, and vulnerable. So what is more appropriate than strengthening and rebuilding our protective „coat“, our skin?

Using medical massages or rubs, we can directly help vitalize and regenerate the protective skin of our body and create new “padding” in which we feel safe and secure. In addition, medical rubs have direct effects on our inner organs and their functions.

Most patients love this kind of care and contact, which enables them to swiftly attain a deep state of relaxation.

We use different oils and ointment as medical rubs or for massages, which are selected on an individual basis for the respective patient. The healing powers of plant-based and mineral substances are ideal for compensating weaknesses and bring out the strength of our vitality again.

Orthomolecular medicine or Nutritional Supplements

Dietary supplements – preparations that border between medicines and food

Linus Pauling, double Nobel price winner and US-American chemist coined the term „orthomolecular medicine“, a medical discipline that uses larger doses of substances that are natural for our body to treat illnesses with. 

During a serious illness such as cancer or other chronic diseases, our bodies need additional nutritional or medical support. 

Nutritional or orthomolecular supplements are products aimed at providing the human metabolism with greater quantities of nutrients and border between medicines and food. They are intended to supplement our general diets and are available from the Arcadia health-food store at our clinic. Consultations on the use of nutritional supplements are always recommended.

Typical examples for nutritional supplements/orthomolecular formulas include minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phyto-nutrients. Examples of dietary supplements that we frequently use are selenium, magnesium, Vitamin-D,  Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, special detox formulas or digestive enzymes from papaya or pineapples. When these supplements are prescribed, particular attention should be paid to optimal quality and what dosages are best to achieve the wanted medical effect.

Tests making use of laboratory analyses of blood or stool give us important information about the need for treatments with nutritional supplements in deficiency situations caused by environmental pollution, improper diet,  cancer or other chronic diseases.


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