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Low level laser therapy


We enthusiastically added medical laser therapy to our program in the fall of 2015. We do not work with so-called “hard” laser beams, which have direct physical effects on the human body, but with “soft” diodode lasers, which trigger biological effects in the body’s regulatory systems. We call the treatment we use low-level laser therapy (LLL).

This kind of laser therapy(photo dynamic therapy) can be used to treat symptoms such as pain and tension, as well as underlying disturbances such as chronic inflammation, energy deficiency, and metabolic disorders. Microcirculation is improved, the formation of immunocells can be set in motion, mitochondria activity is stimulated, and many other regenerative and healing mechanisms are supported.

Photodynamic tumor therapy

PDT is a new and particularly interesting variation of laser therapy used to treat cancer. By means of infusions, light-sensitive substances are introduced into the body which enrich themselves specifically in tumor cells. The substances are activated through irradiation with laser light of suitable wavelengths, and so-called oxygen radicals form that can destroy tumor cells. This method opens up completely new treatment possibilities, which have to be researched further in the coming years but are already used today in special facilities.

Laser therapy (PDT) can be combined with virtually all of the therapeutic principles we apply, including hyperthermia, magnetic field therapy, oxygen therapy, ozon therapy, infusion treatments, GcMAF injections, sports and relaxation therapies, dietary changes, and so on and so forth. We would be happy to discuss whether this new treatment approach might be suitable for you and your specific disease situation. Naturally, low-level laser therapy can also be utilized as a health-promoting measure.


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