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Relaxation mental-training and self-empowerment

Modern life is increasingly marked by tension, stress, and haste. Life seems to be getting faster and faster, and sometimes we feel like a hamster on a wheel. “Faster, faster!” is a dictum of our age.

So it is all the more important for people to create islands of peace, self-reflection, and relaxation in their lives to avoid getting completely “out of breath.”

Serious illnesses force us to pause and reorient. What are the truly important things in our lives?

Singing bowls massage

Sound massage by Peter Hess – the healing force of singing bowls promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and alleviates pain

Even back in ancient India, people knew that the world is sound and each individual has his or her own sound. Peter Hess, a graduate engineer and teacher, learned about singing bowls in 1984 in Nepal and later in Tibet, where they are produced in a time-honored tradition from 12 different metals in a painstaking process. Since then, he has developed his own sound massage adapted to Western ways and has constantly refined it so that it can be used in more and more areas. At the Peter Hess Institute of Sound Massage Therapy, more than 5,000 people have already undergone training and are bringing sound massage to the fields of wellness, personal development, teaching and special education, consultation, and therapy.

The harmonious, overtone-rich sounds of the singing bowls are pleasant, calming, and relaxing

There are various sizes of singing bowls, which are placed directly on the body or dotted around it and struck. The harmonious and overtone-rich sounds of the singing bowls resonate throughout the body and the individuals’ energy field, primarily producing a deep feeling of relaxation. Since human harmony is threatened by a variety of internal and external everyday stresses, sound massage can be a very simple and fast-acting way of achieving good equilibrium. Stress and blockages can be broken down and the regenerative forces of self-healing can be activated.

Modern research is finding more and more evidence of the effectiveness of sound massage

The healing powers of sound have been known for over 5,000 years. Modern research methods have enabled the effects of the sounds of singing bowls on the body, soul, and mind to be confirmed in a growing number of experiments. Practical use of this therapy provides important information that can lead to differentiated ways of using sound massage. Relaxing effects have now been confirmed in cancer therapy and treatment of other serious conditions.

Almost all individuals with chronic diseases, including cancer, suffer from tremendous stress, muscle tension, pain, and exhaustion. But even people who are still healthy from an organic perspective are increasingly complaining about such symptoms as well. Both in the former and the latter cases, sound massage can quickly contribute to deep relaxation.


Every individual can find a type of meditation that suits them

There are many different types of meditation. Only in the last few decades have meditation techniques and practices become known to a wider public and used by more and more people in their daily lives. But it is important that each person finds a suitable kind of meditation.

A very early type of meditation was movement meditation! So it is not essential that we withdraw to a quiet room to practice meditation. At the beginning, it is very important that we learn little exercises. After mastering them, we can extend and supplement them over time.

If desired, we will help you master these exercises so you can practice them in everyday life. Like most things in life, a certain regularity is very helpful when it comes to meditation. It is also favorable to practice these exercises with joy and a playful attitude, though at the same time understanding their seriousness.

Vision work – planning your future

Overcome the shock and plan your future again

It is very difficult for many people with severe illnesses, e.g. cancer, to make concrete plans for the future. They feel imprisoned in the exigencies of the present. In many cases, the illness detracts from the person’s zest for life, or it even disappears completely. Guilt feelings, fear of failture, circular thoughts, and fear of pain and death take their toll.

It is important that patients feel they have opportunities in the future and that they can plan courageously! “If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I’d plant an apple tree today” is a good motto. Particularly in the face of difficulties or illnesses, it is essential to be able to give yourself new perspectives. However, this should occur with respect for one’s own weakness and uncertainty.

Overcome obstacles and give life meaning again

Obstacles from the past that emerged in the course of months or years have to be surmounted. We will help you find and get rid of them. The first steps often lead to fast relief which has a very healing effect.

It is very important for patients to find things that make live worth living and that give life a deeper meaning. In the course of the years, we have brought together various techniques that can help you regain access to your visions or that can enable you to develop entirely new perspectives for your life. Each individual can shape his or her own life!

Get a clear idea of the things you still want to achieve in your life. As with other activities, it is important to plan as concretely as possible and to formulate the goals. As with every vacation, it is not helpful to only make nebulous suggestions and formulations, but to make clear statements about what you want to achieve. However, the trip should be enjoyable and not burdensome and oppressive – this also has to be taken into account.

Art therapy

Art is a source of strength and a remedy

Art is a wonderful source of strength for people. For centuries it has served to improve the quality of people’s lives, as an educational aid, has stimulated people to become active, and has even been a remedy! At our clinic, we use art in myriad ways!

On the one hand, we try to artistically design our building, its rooms, and the surroundings. In addition, we encourage the patients and guests at our clinic to engage in artistic activity themselves, especially since we believe that the powers of regeneration and healing in people are basically the same powers used in artistic activity. Naturally, it is important to go to work cautiously and carefully.

Initially, it may suffice to open the patient’s senses to artistic designs in nature. Nature is full of miracles that can help us immensely as we regain our health. Most people have a certain affinity for nature, and stays in gardens, in the forest, at water, and in the mountains are recuperative.

Along similar lines, viewing artworks by the great masters from the past can be of tremendous help and support. In doing so, we can learn to harness the healing powers in art for ourselves and to open ourselves to them. We will draw your attention to these possibilities and would be glad to give you initial guidance.

Of course, the greatest effect is achieved when the patient engages in artistic activity him- or herself. In art therapy, this is used by specially trained therapists who will accompany you on the road back to health and joie de vivre. No prior knowledge is needed to take part. The therapy is geared to the patient’s current abilities and state. Many patients were thrilled to discover the abilities slumbering in them.


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