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Magnetic field therapy

Magnetic field therapy – vitality and regeneration through digital, pulsating magnetic fields

Magnetic field therapy

As we grow older, and especially in cases of serious illness such as cancer, our bodies produce less energy. It has been known that natural magnetic fields have healing power since antiquity. Today, these magnetic fields can be made available in a way that has been optimized by modern technology. Effectiveness and tolerability are improved through pulsating induction, frequency bundling, the resonance effect, and digital technology. We use a system that can be adjusted to offer whole-body treatment, local treatment, or treatment of particular spots. The various frequencies can also be selected on an individual basis.

There are a number of indications for which you can benefit from magnetic field therapy – we will be happy to advise you

Many conditions are associated with a lack of energy or are exacerbated as a result. Accordingly, revitalizing the body can be of great importance in the process of healing or curing an illness. Pulsed magnetic waves can accompany and support this process in many cases. Particularly fast and good results are seen in cases of pain in the musculoskeletal system, i.e. for many orthopaedic conditions such as arthrosis, arthritis, intervertebral disc problems, etc. Perfusion problems, allergies, chronic fatigue, and sleeping problems can also be improved quickly. We offer magnetic field therapy as a complementary treatment for cancers, which are almost always associated with exhaustion and low energy levels.

Magnetic field therapy can be effectively combined with other treatments and is also suitable for convalescent patients

It is perfectly possible to combine treatment using pulsed magnetic waves with other processes. We also carry out oxygen infusions (Oxyven, see separate section) simultaneously, for example. The treatments complement and reinforce each other.

Treatment with pulsed magnetic fields is also very helpful during the convalescence period after serious illnesses such as cancer, as well as after chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The body is able to regenerate faster and to return to its normal energy levels.

Magnetic field treatment can be carried out easily at our clinic. Alternatively, a suitable device can be obtained for use at home.

If a general revitalization is aimed for, we use the whole-body mat. If local complaints are the focus of the problem, for example lumbago or sciatica, we use the therapeutic cushion. The most powerful magnetic fields can be administered with the treatment rod, which can accurately treat individual spots. We would be delighted to provide you with more information about this type of treatment.

PEMF 100

PEMF 100 - another typ of magnetic field therapy

Besides the sanza device we usw a PEMF 100 (PEMF: pulsing electromagnetic fields). This magnetic pulse generator creates a magnetic field strength from around 1000 gauss and a wide range of frequencies. It causes effective muscle contractions and still can safely and easily be used by the patients themselves. We recommend our patients to use it twice a day during their stay at Arcadia clinic.


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