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Integrative Medicine: The best from both worlds

Welcome to Arcadia-Praxisklinik, the German center for complementary medicine and oncology. 

Arcadia-Praxisklinik is specialized in cancer treatments with the strongest and most effective protocols from experience based, naturopathic and complementary medicine in combination with individually tailored components from modern evidence based oncology.

What makes this approach special is that we treat the whole patient, not just the disease. 

We help you to create a healthy bio-field by eliminating the causes of the disease and regain your self-healing power. Our treatments aim at eliminating cancer cells as much as repairing and vitalizing your immune system with a broad spectrum of treatment tools and over 25 years of clinical experience in the field. 

Non-toxic anticancer drugs, such as high dosage vitamin-c, artesunate, Taurolidine, turmeric or green tea extract and DCA, given in effective dosages by infusion in combination with hyperthermia (heat therapy), photodynamic therapy (laser enhanced therapy), Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), pulsed electro-magnetic therapy, individually tailored detox-programs, probiotics to restore your gut health, anti-cancer diet, ozone and oxygen therapies, immunotherapies (mistletoe and others) and if possible intra tumor laser-enhanced photo dynamic therapy, are amongst our favorite and most successful treatments for patients with cancer.

Integrative medicine 

takes the best and most effective treatments from science based western-world medicine and combines it with complementary methods. The result of this integrative approach is a personalized treatment protocol for your unique physical, biological and personal needs. Treatments will be safe and focus on noninvasive, non-toxic treatments that improve even your quality of life. Our holistic approach considers everything that influences your health, including your diet, lifestyle and mindset. 

Integrative Oncology 

If you try alternative medicine on your own, you may not know whether a product or treatment is safe or works. Others might keep your cancer treatments from working like they should. With integrative medicine, you get science-backed therapies that your doctor has chosen to treat your condition. 


arcadia clinic

For more information about our treatments or if you need a second opinion for your medical condition and an individual doctors consultation by phone or skype, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Office: 8.30-12.30 and 13.00-16.30

Wednesday afternoon our office is closed