The Arcadia way to health
Arcadia Praxisklinik Bad Emstal
Center for integrative medicine and cancer therapy
What our patients say
The Arcadia way to health
Arcadia Praxisklinik Bad Emstal
Center for integrative medicine and cancer therapy
Integrative cancer treatment
The Arcadia way to health
Arcadia Praxisklinik Bad Emstal
Center for integrative medicine and cancer therapy
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You are a whole person with a mind, body and spirit. You are not a disease.

The Arcadia Praxisklinik in Bad Emstal, Germany is a treatment center for integrative medicine and cancer therapy, where the latest findings from scientific research and experience-based naturopathy are combined. In practice since 1992, Dr. Henning Saupe has developed a signature “Arcadia Way to Health” approach of activating, detoxifying, and revitalizing the immune system that is holistic, effective, and based on your own detailed diagnostics.

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How we treat cancer at Arcadia

In the Arcadia Praxisklinik, we treat according to a holistic approach. Our integrative treatment concept requires detailed diagnostics and an individual therapy plan.

Integrative cancer therapy

Our treatment methods in cancer therapy, which activate, detoxify and revitalize the immune system, help to improve therapy results and to maintain the quality of life for our patients.

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Innovative diagnostics

The advanced diagnostic procedures at Arcadia Praxisklinik allow you to take a deeper look at your physical condition, evaluate your choices, and navigate your course of action.

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Individual therapy plan

The results of your medical examination and our advanced diagnostic procedures are the basis for the individual therapy plan. All treatments are coordinated accordingly.

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Applications for cancer therapy

Based on your diagnosis, we will draw up an individual therapy plan for you. According to our holistic approach, we offer various applications in the Arcadia Praxisklinik: Always optimally tailored to our patients and their cancer.

Cancer treatment in a healing environment.
In the middle of Germany.

For over 15 years we have been successfully treating people from more than fifty different countries with the “Arcadia way to health”.

Our patient stories

Find out what our patients and also their relatives think and say about Arcadia and their “way to health”. They are happy to share their experiences with other cancer patients and their relatives.


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Our patient experiences

Learn what our patients say about their cancer treatment at Arcadia.

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You have a cancer diagnosis and would like another expert opinion?

Do you have questions about cancer therapy?

The most important answers to questions about cancer treatment in our clinic at a glance.

Arcadia Health News

Dr. Saupe interviewed by Chris Wark

In this interview, Dr Saupe and Christopher Wark talk about holistic methods of cancer treatment. The interview offers valuable information and inspiration for living a full life despite a cancer diagnosis.

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Reviews Chelsea Green

The first book of the medical director of the Arcadia Praxisklinik Dr. med. Henning Saupe was published in Germany at the end of 2022 and will soon also be published in English translation in the USA by Chelsea Green Publishing. You can already pre-order it now.

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Book review by Harald Walach

Are you interested in the guidebook “Understanding cancer and treating it holistically” by Dr. Med Henning Saupe? Then you have the opportunity to read a first book review here.

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Are you interested in a treatment in our clinic?

Do you have questions about cancer therapy in our practice clinic or would you like to make an appointment with our doctors? We will take the time for an individual consultation with your doctor – by phone, video or even at our clinic directly in Bad Emstal. Please reserve an appointment using the contact form. We will get back to you immediately.

Telephone times for guest service:

Telephone times for guest service: 
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
8:30 am – 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (CEST)

Wednesday and Friday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm (CEST)

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