Treatment procedure for cancer or chronic diseases

Treatment at Arcadia Praxisklinik starts with a comprehensive assessment of the current state of health based on medical records and supplementary diagnostics. A personal therapy plan is drawn up for the treatment period, based on the results of the examination and diagnostic procedures.

From the detailed diagnosis to the personal therapy plan

At the beginning of the treatment at Arcadia Praxisklinik, we perform a series of comprehensive medical tests and examinations, which allow us to assess your current state of health. In addition to many other test procedures, we also use live blood analysis by dark field microscopy. If current CT or MRI scans are still needed to determine your exact treatment needs and condition, they can be obtained from a local radiologist. The personal therapy plan for your stay will be drawn up on the basis of your medical history, CT, MRI findings and the current test results, and will be agreed with you in consultation.

Holistic applications with holistic care

Treatment at Arcadia Praxisklinik is individual, depending on the cancer and the state of health. For example, hyperthermia can be used in combination with infusions, oxygen and magnetic field therapy. Massages, lectures, individual coaching, organic diet complement cancer therapy and support the healing process. Doctors, therapists and the nursing team are in regular personal contact with the patients and follow the course of treatment step by step.

Well treated even after the stay at Arcadia

The “Arcadia Way to Health” does not end with the stay and the treatments at the Arcadia practice clinic. At the end of the therapy cycle, a final examination of the blood, including dark-field microscopy, takes place to evaluate and document the outcome of the therapy. The Arcadia treatment package also includes follow-up care after departure.

Individual cancer treatment in the Arcadia Praxisklinik

Every treatment in the Arcadia Praxisklinik is individual. It also follows some standardized, specific treatment protocols that are adapted to the individual patient. As a rule, our patients stay at Arcadia Praxisklinik for three to four weeks. Depending on their personal needs and the degree of illness, our patients can also stay longer at Arcadia Praxisklinik if they wish.

Things to know about your stay at the Arcadia Praxisklinik

What is Lyme disease and how can it be treated?

Borreliosis describes a group of infectious diseases caused by certain bacteria, the Borrelia bacteria These require ticks or lice as carriers, which puts people who move around a lot in nature at risk.

The Borrelia infection is divided into 3 stages The first stage after a tick bite is a wandering reddening of the skin, the “erythema migrans”. Without sufficient treatment, the second stage develops with flu-like symptoms, joint inflammation and pain. If this phase is also not treated effectively, neuroborreliosis can develop. Diffuse neurological symptoms such as unusual tiredness, lack of concentration and pain are then typical symptoms, often accompanied by depression.

We speak of chronic Lyme disease when the symptoms last for many months up to many years. Here we start with specialized laboratory tests to assign the symptoms to an accurate diagnosis.

After ensuring the Borrelia diagnosis and stage, we treat it with the following procedures: specific antibiotic therapy, both intravenously as a short infusion and orally, with both traditional antibiotics and natural anti-Borrelia substances from nature, intensified by whole-body hyperthermia or partial-body hyperthermia, alternating with immunotherapy and natural anti-inflammatory natural substances.

For patients in stage 2 or 3, a combination of intravenous antibiotic therapy with moderate whole-body hyperthermia has proven to be effective. In this therapy, the patient is put into a feverish state by means of infrared light, with a body core temperature of approx. 39.5°C, i.e. like the flu. In addition to the application of the classical antibiotics, we also treat with a number of antibiotically active biological substances, such as artesunate, an extract from Chinese mugwort.

The intensity of the therapies we administer depends very individually on the symptom picture, the laboratory findings, the severity of the symptoms and the degree of chronification. It ranges from individual outpatient treatments to 3-week intensive therapies for patients who are accommodated in our patient hotel.

The antibiotic given by infusion during the whole body hyperthermia (fever therapy) works deeper and stronger because the blood circulation is more effective in a feverish state and the immune system is additionally activated by the fever. The cell walls and tissues also allow the antibiotics to penetrate deeper and faster in a feverish state, which is a decisive advantage in chronic Lyme disease. We see the greatest advantage of our combination treatment with hyperthermia in the treatment success of the patients who have already experienced numerous and extensive trials with antibiotic treatment and who experience a deeper and long-lasting improvement in the results after our treatment.

If necessary, we give further anti-Borrelia medication to the patient after the stay with us, to continue the treatment at home.

May I bring someone with me to Arcadia?

We can additionally accommodate traveling companions, family members, friends, or support person who will receive their own self-care package while here.
Many of our patients bring an accompanying person with them, who are valued as an important support and resource for the healing process during all or part of their stay. We are optimally equipped for this and offer double rooms and apartments to accommodate a shared space. Your support person is, if you choose, present at your doctor appointments and consultations.

How soon can I start cancer treatment?

Usually our waiting times for the admission of new patients are in the range of a few weeks. In advance, our doctors will thoroughly study your medical documentation with all current findings. If we find that that the stage of your disease is treatable at our clinic, we will offer you a treatment proposal and a first consultation via video (Skype or zoom) or telephone with our doctors.

We always try to offer you the earliest possible treatment date. If you are on our waiting list, we will contact you immediately in case of cancellation of an already booked patient in order to start your treatment earlier.

Are you interested in a treatment in our clinic?

Do you have questions about cancer therapy in our practice clinic or would you like to make an appointment with our doctors? We will take the time for an individual consultation with your doctor – by phone, video or directly at our clinic in Bad Emstal. Please reserve an appointment using the contact form. We will get back to you immediately.

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