Increase your vitality and support health and healing with Energy Work

An integrative approach to chronic diseases involves treating the diseased cells, strengthening the terrain, the healthy cells, tissues and organs, as well as tending to our thoughts, behaviours and emotions to increase vitality and stamina. The state of the autonomic nervous system plays an essential role in health and healing. Research suggests that upsetting emotions and thoughts activate the stress response in the body, promote inflammation and drive cancer progression. 

Therefore, one important aspect to promote health is to evolve the autonomic nervous system and increase resilience towards stress. We support this practice through education, e.g. Stephen Porges’ „Polyvagal Theory“ and simple tools to rebalance body and mind in a continuous and sustainable manner.

The Body-mind in health and well-being

Conventional cancer treatment focuses only on eliminating cancer cells, not taking into account that the whole body consists of trillions of cells whose health and vitality determines much about the proper functioning and healing potential of the body. Chronic stress is a cancer driver.

Therefore, holistic treatment at Arcadia also means tending to one’s mental and emotional state because we know that health and quality of life is dependent on our thoughts and how we feel. Since the quality of our thoughts and emotions equal the quality of life that we experience, we integrate therapies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help the patient release the overwhelm of emotions and fearful thoughts so that they feel confident and trusting about their healing journey. 

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)/ Tapping

EFT is an evidence-based mind-body approach to reprogram the nervous system’s response to stress. It integrates mind (thoughts), body (sensations), behaviour and subtle energies (acupressure points of meridians) to balance the nervous system and restore calm and peace. Some of the physiological effects of tapping are a decrease in stress hormones (cortisol), an increase in immunological markers, and changes in areas of the brain associated with a targeted problem. EFT helps the mind to release the emotional charge linked with certain painful events and circumstances. It calms the nervous system and helps you free yourself from stressful events from the past so that you can move forward in life with more ease and vigour.  

“The cell is a machine driven by energy.  It can thus be approached by studying matter or by studying energy. In  every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

-Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

healthy energies, healthy body

Ancient literature describes two parts of the body, the physical body and the energy body. While conventional medicine focuses on the physiology of the body, energy medicine focuses on the body’s vital energies. Almost every culture mentions a life force that directs development, growth, and healing through a subtle energy system. Various terms for this life energy are for example chi (China), ki (Japan), prana (Sanskrit), ruah (Hebrew), barakah (Islam), pneuma (ancient Greek), and Mana (Polynesian culture). 

Every disease or illness correlates with an energy pattern that is disrupted, incoherent, or out of balance. Corrections of these energy imbalances restore harmony of body, mind, and soul. The healthier the energies of a person are, the healthier is the body and mind of that person. At Arcadia, we offer a wide range of treatments and modalities to release physical and emotional stress so that the natural self-healing capability of the human body can work again.  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a special form of “energy work” that comes from Japan around 1920. Loosely translated, Reiki can be called “life energy” or “life force”. It is the energy that brings movement. And movement is life.
Reiki applications can be given to oneself or given by another person. Reiki practitioners need intensive training that is step-by-step, leading in “degrees” from student to master.

Reiki practitioners focus on the existing universal energy and do not work with their own energy, as in other forms of energy work. Therefore, Reiki as a life energy can never harm. Reiki applications strengthen the body’s own self-healing powers and the (spiritual) overcoming of diseases.

Whether in the idea of prana (in India), chi (in China), ki (in Japan), light (among Christians) or in photosynthesis (in the plant world) – everywhere we find the idea and expression of life energy.

In the East, this idea has long been anchored in the sciences. There, for example, the flow of invisible energy is reactivated, awakened or balanced with the help of acupuncture, Tai Chi or Yoga. In the West, the idea that matter ultimately consists of energy is relatively new. Modern quantum physics now shows that the atoms that make up the matter we are all familiar with are in turn made up of invisible energy units called quarks or strings.

All of these ideas fit into the Reiki system. In summary, then, Reiki is a non-religious system that enables people to receive and transmit energy in an intense form.

Reiki not a substitute for medical medicine; it is not a faith, a sect, a cult or a religion. Reiki is an effective system that helps the person holistically to an energetic charge and thus supports personal development at all levels.


What is the singing bowl massage according to Peter Hess?

Even in ancient India, people knew: “The world is sound. “Peter Hess, a graduate engineer and educator, became acquainted with singing bowls in 1984 in Nepal and later in Tibet, where they are made from many different metals in an elaborate process according to ancient tradition. Through him, singing bowl therapy came to Europe.

In the past 35 years he has developed his own sound massage adapted to our western situation. In the Institute for Sound Massage Therapy by Peter Hess, more than 5000 people have been trained in the meantime, who use the sound massage in the field of wellness and therapy.

The harmonic, overtone-rich sounds of the singing bowls are immediately felt by most people as pleasant, soothing and relaxing. There are singing bowls in different sizes, which are either placed directly on the body or around it and struck. Stress and blockages can be reduced and the regenerative forces of self-healing can be activated in a very pleasant way.

What is Energy Medicine (Eden Method)?

Energy Medicine (Eden Method)

The nature of the human body and its anatomy is both physical and energetical. While the body’s physical anatomy is describes as cells and body systems, such as the skeletal and muscular system, the energetic anatomy of the body is described as different energy systems, such as the meridians, chakras, or the aura.

A web of subtle energies moves in and around every cell of the body. Physical and emotional health reflects the health of these energies. Everyone’s energies are unique like a person’s fingerprint. Energy Medicine (The „Eden Method“) unifies ancient wisdom from different cultures such as traditional Chinese medicine and Native American medicine, and applied kinesiology, founded by Dr. George Goodheart, to determine where in the body energies have become weak, disorganized, or out of alignment. Restoring balance to the energy system promotes vitality and well-being of body, mind and heart. 


The way to health and healing is unique to each person. There is no one size fits all. 

Studies show that 80% of healing comes from creating meaningful experiences, connections and goals. That means, with any kind of treatment that is meaningful to you, you encourage your body’s innate process of healing. In our coaching sessions, we go on an adventure and together discover what promotes your vitality, your inner joy, your self-compassion, and peace of mind and heart.

Why is coaching important?

Personal coaching in holistic cancer care

Stress contributes to physical and emotional dis-ease. What most of us intuitively know is also shown through modern research: chronic stress due to inner conflicts and fears limit the full potential of the body to thrive and deal with life’s challenges. Illness often allows us to see what is going on inside of us, where we have become unconscious to conditions or events that drain more life energy from us than we can mobilize.  In our one-on-one coaching sessions we unlock the hidden stressors and create a personal healing-map for you that you can follow with confidence and trust to renew your energy and life force day by day.

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