Kathryn Doherty: From cancer patient to Arcadia ambassador in the USA!

Kathryn Doherty from Greenwich, Connecticut, USA came to Arcadia-Praxisklinik in 2016 on the recommendation of her cancer consultant for breast cancer treatments. Just recently, she was a guest at Arcadia again. She is a regular visitor to Bad Emstal – as a patient, but also in her work as a dedicated “Arcadia Ambassador” for integrative cancer treatments in the USA.

I will always be grateful – more people need to know about this

Jane Mc Lelland, Kathryn Doherty, Chris Wark, Henning Saupe (l-r) together at the Annie Appleseed Conference in West Palm Beach in February 2019.
Kathryn Doherty has made it her mission to share her experiences with others affected by cancer

Kathryn Doherty’s personal experiences and the impact of cancer motivated her to get involved. She connects with those affected by cancer and supports them on their journey. To that end, she even trained with Dr. Kelly Turner and is a certified Radical Remission™ instructor, coach and speaker.

Online workshops with Kathryn Doherty – next date on February 9, 2021

In her workshops, Kathryn Doherty talks about the key healing factors. How can healing chances be improved and which measures can you integrate into your own life and how? Current dates and a review of past workshops can be found on her website.

Current workshop dates and learn more!

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