Hyperthermia for cancer treatment

Hyperthermia – a medical treatment with targeted, controlled hyperthermia – can be used profitably in the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases. For cancer treatment, hyperthermia is always combined with other treatments such as infusions or oxygen therapy.

The knowledge about the health-promoting effect of fever is not new and already known from ancient times. Only through the scientific research of physiology and the immune system in modern times does it find more and more confirmation in medical practice. For more than 15 years we have been treating cancer with hyperthermia in the Arcadia Praxisklinik. Our patients are grateful for the treatment results they experience.

Hyperthermia: With heat and technology against cancer

Natural fever is never the cause of an illness: it is the healthy reaction of the body to cure an illness from “within” through the power of the immune system. Through the targeted, controlled triggering of overheating, we help the organism to activate its self-healing powers and thus regain its health balance. The most modern technical equipment for hyperthermia treatment is available to us in the Arcadia Praxisklinik.

Established worldwide: The hyperthermia treatment for cancer

Cancer treatment with hyperthermia is well established in many countries around the world and is already considered by leading oncologists to be the fourth pillar of cancer therapy – alongside surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Therefore, we apply hyperthermia in the Arcadia Praxisklinik individually in all possible forms of application.

Hyperthermia: The treatment successes speak for themselves

Used medically since ancient times, hyperthermia has been intensively researched and developed in modern times for more than 60 years. Most importantly, hundreds of thousands of treatments have now been performed with well-documented success and practically no side effects. At Arcadia Praxisklinik we have been treating our patients with various types of cancer gently and effectively with hyperthermia since 2005.

Hyperthermia treatments in the Arcadia Praxisklinik

In hyperthermia treatment, a distinction is made between local hyperthermia with radio waves and whole-body hyperthermia with infra-red radiators. We offer both at the Arcadia Praxisklinik. Using the most modern technical equipment, we can “get to grips” with cancer effectively and gently at the same time, while strengthening the immune system.

Things to know about hyperthermia in cancer

Does hyperthermia also help with skin cancer?

Hyperthermia can also be used efficiently in skin cancer to enhance the effectiveness of drug-based treatments.

Hyperthermia generates overheating on the skin surface, which damages the cancer cells and prevents them from growing. Various types of skin cancer and precancerous diseases (precursors of cancer), as well as skin metastases can be successfully treated with hyperthermia, preferably in combination with a specific drug.

A suitable therapy plan with the required duration of treatment is drawn up by our physicians after a detailed preliminary examination.

How long does the hyperthermia treatment last?

As a rule, a local deep hyperthermia treatment lasts one hour. A treatment cycle comprises 10-15 individual treatments, with 2 to 4 treatments per week. Only in special exceptions, such as brain tumors, do you start with shorter treatment times. The exact number of treatments in a cycle depends on the individual diagnosis and the personal therapy plan of all other therapies.

Can hyperthermia be combined with chemotherapy and radiation?

The use of hyperthermia as a supplement to chemotherapy and radiation is absolutely recommended. Numerous scientific studies prove the positive effects of hyperthermia in combination with conventional cancer therapies.

The hyperthermia improves blood circulation, so that the drugs can be absorbed more easily. The synergistic effect of hyperthermia and cisplatin, a frequently used chemotherapeutic agent, can, for example, be many times greater than when cisplatin alone is used at normal temperatures.

The combination of hyperthermia with classical radiation therapy also shows positive effects – without increasing the side effects of radiation. Cancer cells are not only extremely sensitive to heat, but damage to the cancer cell is also repaired more poorly by the effect of heat. This effect has also been proven by numerous studies.

Can hyperthermia also be used for detoxification?

Hyperthermia treatments not only have a beneficial effect on the immune system. They have another positive “side effect”: overheating activates the metabolism and thus stimulates detoxification via the skin. The blood circulation and oxygen supply is improved and the body is thus helped to rid itself of toxins.

Extensive blood tests – with special diagnostic procedures – help us trace harmful toxins and recommend appropriate detoxification measures.

How does hyperthermia affect the immune system?

Heat stimulates the body’s own defenses. It has been proven that hyperthermia has a positive effect on our immune system: Overheating triggers various positive immunological effects. Already after only one treatment, for example, one can observe that the white blood cells are much more active. The patient notices these changes mainly by an improvement of his general condition.

How does local deep hyperthermia work?

In local deep hyperthermia, the area of an organ affected by cancer is heated to temperatures of up to 43° C. The cancer cells are exposed to electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 13.5 megahertz. The heat-sensitive cancer cells react more strongly to the overheating than the healthy cells, which are hardly affected by exposure to this frequency. In cancer cells, “programmed cell death”, also called apoptosis, occurs after some time of exposure to the overheating. Healthy cells are not harmed, since they warm up only slightly at this frequency.

Local deep hyperthermia can be performed as a single treatment or in combination with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted in combination with traditional forms of treatment, such as radiation or chemotherapy.

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