Energy work in cancer therapy

A holistic approach to cancer therapy, in which the whole person is treated, also includes energy work at Arcadia Praxisklinik. Releasing energy blockages and activating the energy flow demonstrably promotes the recovery process. Energy work helps to bring body and soul into balance, which in turn promotes self-healing powers.

Our own energy field as an effective force for health

Every person needs and consumes energy every day. We need energy to move, to digest and to think. As long as we live, we convert energy and let it flow through us, mostly unconsciously, sometimes better, sometimes less powerful. The word “energy” comes from the ancient Greek and means “working force”.

Energy blockages prevent our “inner forces” from working – and thus also our self-healing powers. Activating the flow of energy not only helps us to feel more active and healthier, but also helps us to regain our vitality and our powerful immune system. Finally, it also helps to reject and contain cancer growth.

Transmitting power and activating the energy flow with Reiki

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that was practiced in Japan thousands of years ago. The forgotten healing method was rediscovered and further developed probably over a hundred years ago by the Japanese Mikao Usui. In Reiki, the energy flow is to be activated and blockades are to be released by laying hands on different parts of the body. In this way the physical body is to be brought into harmony with the soul. At Arcadia Praxisklinik we work with this energetic treatment method to support cancer therapy.

Singing Bowls — Using singing bowls in pleasant vibrations to release energy blockages

The soothing and decelerating effect of the singing bowls causes relaxation, stress reduction and even pain relief. Over the past 35 years, the graduate engineer and pedagogue Peter Hess has developed his own sound massage adapted to our western world, which is now widely used in the field of wellness and therapy. Stress and blockages can be effectively reduced by activating the regenerative self-healing powers through different sounds in pleasant frequencies.

Energetic treatments

Energetic treatments support the healing process and are part of the “Arcadia way to health”. Within the scope of the treatment in our house, which lasts several weeks, we offer the possibility to reactivate the body’s own energy flow with Reiki and sound massage and to draw new vitality and courage. We are always open for questions and discussions about energy work in cancer therapy.

Interesting facts about energy work and relaxation

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a special form of “energy work”, which comes from Japan around 1920.

Freely translated, Reiki can be called “life energy” or “life force”. It is the energy that brings movement. And movement is life.

Reiki applications can be given by yourself or by another person. Reiki users need an intensive training, which is built up step by step and leads in “degrees” from student to master.

Reiki practitioners focus on the available universal energy and do not work with their own energy as in other forms of energy work. Therefore, Reiki as life energy can never harm. Reiki applications strengthen the body’s own self-healing powers and the (spiritual) overcoming of diseases.

Whether in the idea of Prana (in India), Chi (in China) Ki (in Japan) Light (with Christians) or in photosynthesis (in the plant world) – everywhere we find the idea and expression of life energy.

In the East this idea has long been anchored in the sciences. There, for example, the flow of invisible energy is reactivated, awakened or balanced with the help of acupuncture, Tai Chi or Yoga.

In the West, the idea that matter ultimately consists of energy is relatively new. Modern quantum physics now shows that the atoms that make up the matter we are all familiar with are in turn made up of invisible units of energy called quarks or strings.

All these ideas fit into the Reiki system. In summary, Reiki is a non-religious system that enables people to receive and transmit energy in an intensive form.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical medicine; it is not a matter of faith, sect, cult or religion. Reiki is an effective system that helps the person to achieve a holistic energetic charge and thus supports personal development on all levels.

Singing bowl massage according to Peter Hess

Even in ancient India it was known that “the world is sound“

Peter Hess, graduate engineer and teacher, met singing bowls in 1984 in Nepal and later in Tibet. Through him the singing bowl therapy came to Europe.

In the past 35 years he has developed his own sound massage, adapted to our western situation. In the meantime more than 5000 people have been trained in the Institute for Sound-Massage-Therapy of Peter Hess, who use the sound massage in the field of wellness and therapy.

The harmonious, overtone-rich sounds of the singing bowls are immediately perceived by most people as pleasant, calming and relaxing. There are singing bowls in different sizes, which are placed and struck either directly on the body or around it. Stress and blockages can be released and the regenerative powers of self-healing can be activated in a very pleasant way.


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