Podcast tip: “Integrative Cancer Solutions” with naturopath Dr. Michael Karlfeldt.

Board-certified naturopathic physician Dr. Michael Karlfeldt practices at the Karlfeldt Center in Meridian, Idaho. There, naturopathic doctors focus on the causes of their patients’ chronic and acute health problems and their individual chemistry, environment and needs. To empower people suffering from cancer and give them hope during the difficult time after a cancer diagnosis, Dr. Karlfeldt developed the podcast series “Integrative Cancer Solutions.”

“You can’t heal as long as you carry around resentment, judgmental thoughts about things that have happened in your life that you can’t forgive, or deep feelings of guilt and shame.”

– Dr. Henning Saupe

Dr. Henning Saupe is a specialist in the field of holistic cancer treatment and explains the principle in detail in this episode based on his book “Holistic Cancer Medicine”. His concept of the 12 vital fields of detoxification, nutrition, water, oxygen, intestinal health, stress, sugar and its metabolism, immune system and psychoneuroendocrinology, mitochondria and their role, acid-base balance, inflammation and infection forms the basis of the treatment.

People suffering from cancer will get a lot of input on integrative treatments and treatment successes in this podcast, helping to make important decisions to fight the disease.

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