Getting to the root of the disease

JJ Flizanes is an empowerment strategist and host of several podcasts. She is the director of Invisible Fitness and best-selling author of the book “Fit for Love”.

Today, we’re introducing you to her podcast with the episode “Vitality Field with Dr. Henning Saupe“. Dr. Saupe shares how he came to holistic medicine and how he uses the 12 Vitality Fields to effectively self-regulate the immune system and self-heal cancer. For JJ Flizanes, it is the positive and conscious handling of one’s own feelings that can help support healing. Dr. Henning Saupe takes a broader view of the field of vital fields.

The principle of vital forces is ancient and highly topical at the same time and involves the whole person. Thus, by restoring the balance of forces, illness is tackled by the roots. An exciting excursion into the history of medicine and a revelation regarding the foundations of our vitality.

We hope you enjoy this unique podcast experience.


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