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Lyme-Disease is a disease with many symptoms. To diagnose it correctly is the result of many laboratory tests in combination with the medical history of the patient. The risk to miss the diagnosis for a true Lyme disease, as for instance the reason for chronic pain or fatigue, is at least as big as the risk to believe it is Lymes disease by mistake. To find the relevant diagnostic and therapeutic tools and guide you through the "jungle" of finding your diagnose and the right treatment to help you getting better is our obligation.
We are experts in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and share our long experience with you.

Our treatments for verified Lyme disease include: specific antibiotic treatment in intra venous and oral form, with both traditional antibiotics and natural anti-borrelia plant extracts, together with whole-body and local hyperthermia, i.v. laser enhanced antibiotic treatments, immune therapy and anti inflammatory naturopathic drugs.


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For more information about our treatments or if you need a second opinion for your medical condition and an individual doctors consultation by phone or skype, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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